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Some years ago there was a brief period when I couldn’t stop making plates. It led me to start the blog, A plate a day, which has been going strong ever since the first post in 2008. Ashley Schwellenbach wrote about the blog here, and that’s the answer I gave when she asked where the idea came from. But the question made me realize my interest in pottery began during the first dotcom wave. Each year that we did a redesign at I’d go out and find a pottery class. As I told Ashley, it must have had something to do with trying to find a balance between long hours spent on work that existed only on a computer screen vs. making something you could touch (and heading off carpal tunnel).

Now, I have a collection of plates stamped with letters from a small collection of letterpress type, and some plates on which I drew, like the one pictured below in this post. They all have one thing in common: they’re as perfect as I can make them. Burnished to within an inch of their lives, illustrated with such attention to detail they make my eyes hurt.

The years passed, and I got busy doing other things, but I’ve always kept a bag of clay around. I now have a kiln, and I’ve been eyeing it more and more recently. But, as with my drawing, I’d like to try something different. Stop trying to pummel the medium into submission and let it do what it naturally wants to do.

We’ll see what happens.

Plate made by Mignon Khargie

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