About a week ago I was looking for Nell Zink’s Wallcreeper, and Dorothy persuaded me that I needed a full set of the books they’d published, which included The Wallcreeper. Today I happened upon a review of Zink’s Mislaid by one of my favorite critics, Dwight Garner. Sometimes when I’m reading one of Dwight’s reviews I get so lost in how well he writes that I forget I set out to learn something about the book itself.

“Nearly all the dialogue in Ms. Zink’s two novels is salted this way. Reading her can be like sitting in the front row at a Tracy Letts play. Ms. Zink has a gift for absurdist scenarios as well. The poet is gay. His wife is a lesbian. Thus this book’s title is a little battery of charged meaning.”


“This is a minor and misshapen novel from a potentially major voice. Robertson Davies said it: “With novels, like cakes, you never know.”