Good one. More Hannah, she’s doing all the drawings for a short (short) movie/animation/story/thing with parts that do and do not move and lots of words you have to read.



Found yesterday at the SLO Botanical Gardens where I volunteer once a week. The first day of the new year was sunny at 8 a.m., cold, and quiet in the gardens.


Stingrays by Mignon Khargie

I was so sure this drawing was already in here. Not new, in fact this is several years old.

Paper + Pencil


I’ve noticed that Hannah’s drawings change depending on the paper she uses. For instance, paper with texture makes her drawings a little soft, and there’s a more confident line in any piece that’s done on the regular stuff we use in our printer. It must also have something to do with the pencil that’s nearby when she feels inclined to draw. I’ve given up on buying art pencils since those always go missing. In any case she has to like how it feels in her hand and how it works on paper or it doesn’t happen.

But, boy, when everything comes together like it did above …

The fiddle leaf fig


Astonishing plant that seems to thrive on benign neglect. I found it a couple of weeks ago in Morro Bay and only just watered it this past weekend. It’s sitting under a window and I’m afraid that the light will not be enough to compensate for the draft from that uninsulated wall and old window. I’ve read that it dislikes being moved to a larger pot until it’s about ready to walk out of the current one, which works for me. I’ve left it alone except for cleaning its leaves, and my reward this week? A new leaf.

Happiness is colored bright orange

Collaboration with Hannah on the first of six pieces: Her drawings will be made into ceramic decals and fired onto each piece. Now let’s see if I can do my part and glaze these so it all works, and hopefully I didn’t overpaint that lovely underglaze. So far, so good, everything survived the first firing.

Anything with clay is an exercise in patience. This below is what happens when you rush: