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A cappella awesomeness

They won third place (the youngest singers at the festival!) and the event’s award as the “audience favorite” in what the judges called a “landslide victory.” Go, AVE!

The author to her book

Hannah is the 2017 winner of this year’s Poetry Out Loud competition at her school and consequently I can’t seem to pull myself away from the site. This poem by Anne Bradstreet made me laugh out loud. It takes me forever to edit a book, and the first line of the poem below is pretty […]


Good one. More Hannah, she’s doing all the drawings for a short (short) movie/animation/story/thing with parts that do and do not move and lots of words you have to read.


Found yesterday at the SLO Botanical Gardens where I volunteer once a week. The first day of the new year was sunny at 8 a.m., cold, and quiet in the gardens.

Paper + Pencil

I’ve noticed that Hannah’s drawings change depending on the paper she uses. For instance, paper with texture makes her drawings a little soft, and there’s a more confident line in any piece that’s done on the regular stuff we use in our printer. It must also have something to do with the pencil that’s nearby […]

The fiddle leaf fig

Astonishing plant that seems to thrive on benign neglect. I found it a couple of weeks ago in Morro Bay and only just watered it this past weekend. It’s sitting under a window and I’m afraid that the light will not be enough to compensate for the draft from that uninsulated wall and old window. […]