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The Wheel Diver’s cover

Finally done with The Wheel Diver. Ashley badly wanted to see a camo croc on the back cover but deadline ate the crocodile or crocodile shredded the deadline, or . . . something. They didn’t take to each other. Illustrations by Michael Arras, and more of his work can be seen here on a few […]

The Wheel Diver

A few layouts from The Wheel Diver, Ashley Schwellenbach’s third book. This 488-pager has been so much fun to design. Michael Arras made it somewhat easy by sending the 21 chapter illustrations one at a time so that there was breathing room between them. But there weren’t any sketches, which meant I had to run […]


Reworked an old drawing that was never right. And, how annoying is it to realize that WordPress chews the pixels out of images? See the background leaf detail below, which is still fuzzy even after multiple file regrinds. Alright then.


I was so sure this drawing was already in here. Not new, in fact this is several years old.