A little bit of Salon history

A little bit of Salon history

Salon started as salonmagazine.com. In 1995, after reviewing all available domain options someone thought it would be useful for us to also have salon1999.com. After all, we reasoned, if a name change was the only thing we had to worry about in 1999. . . .

Thanks to the nice hairdresser in Texas, salon1999.com received a decent burial.

Platform 9¾

Platform 9¾

We totally did the muggle tour. The best part was finding a bunch of Deathly Hallows symbols scrawled in the dust on a window in the alleyway that served as inspiration for Diagon Alley.

A few animals I found while on vacation

A few animals I found while on vacation

On reviewing my photos I realized I took an inordinate amount of photos of animals (and only one of those was live). Hannah was part of an international choir festival at Canterbury and Southwark Cathedrals and I’m still speechless about how tiring and energizing and amazing that all was. Anyway, here are a few images of things that found their way into my phone on our travels.


One of the cats at Canterbury.


Tower of London.


And again. These were molded out of mesh, over some sort of rigid skeleton I bet.


Grumpy, fat ravens at the Tower of London.


Miniature oddity in a Parisian window.


Not a unique idea by any means, but always fun. Found behind the Christian Louboutin shop which was at the other end of the block where we stayed.


Resin dog with butterflies, same location as above.


Ditto on location.


Um . . . paper butterfly in Paris? And a few dead things.

More crazing and pitting

More crazing and pitting

And . . . since the underside was fine I’m concluding I missed some dust on the upper surface.

Grist’s 2013 annual report

Grist’s 2013 annual report

Our new annual report, printed by Girlie Press in Seattle. This year it’s about 5×8, a small publication both in terms of size and page count, but really big on color. We’ve been getting reports that it’s an engaging piece. That’s a good thing for an annual report, right?

Ignore my ever-present, go-to background. It’s an old breadboard I keep by my desk, and the only uncluttered surface in easy reach.

Double whammy

Double whammy

That exclamation mark says it all: crackled and bubbled. I read that dust may be a reason for bubbling. This was also the only item on the bottom shelf, in fact it was a light load for the kiln, so maybe overheating? I have one more to fire, and will put that plate on the top shelf. Crossing my fingers that crackling will be the only issue this next time.


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